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All Inclusive Wine Country Wellness Retreat in Sonoma

Hosted by Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan McCloud

October 2023

Blue Lotus is A Nourishing Sojourn
A Practical & Magical Journey to Reset Your
Physical and Energetic Ecosystem
So that You can LIVE Your Vibrant LifeStyle
Intimate Group Limited to 15 Women

Blue Lotus Retreat

Experience in
Sonoma, California

October 2023

5 Days of Exquisite Play, Paint, Prayer, Nourishing Meals and Well Being with
The McCloud's experiencing the MUSEA Lifestyle

Shared and Private Lodging Included
Space is limited to 15 participants.
Questionnaire Required

The Core of Our Wine-Country Wellness Approach
is food, movement, community and
Intentional Creativity®

Let's talk about the meals and the movement

The organic menu served for five days from Jonathan's Intentional Table is designed to provide a seasonal farm to table menu, of anti-inflammatory, cancer-risk reducing, immune boosting, gut health, lucid dreaming, weight management re-patterning with whole foods. We will then create a menu plan that works for you to continue the work at home. This is enough time for a pattern interrupt and a new desire for change.

The gentle exercise we will practice for five days from Shiloh Sophia's MICA: Movement Intentional Creativity Arts is designed for any body type and age to be gently restoring lymphatic flow, increasing flexibility, vitality for inspiration, new ways to approach moving that feel good and a way forward that honors your body's natural rhythms. We will create a plan you can work with to take home. Let's choose well being together.

You can hear my health recovery story here on my podcast and the two things I did that made all the difference - and how we would like to share it with you.

Beauty in Beauty Out Peace in Peace Out Imagination in Imagination Out

We invite you to the BLUE LOTUS SOJOURN

This is for women who are moms that need a getaway. For people caring for elderly parents or loved ones who need a break. For those feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders. Those navigating a job that is stressful and need a reset. Those navigating lingering grief or divorce recovery. For those who have ongoing health concerns and know that food and movement are part of your solution but you need support. Or just those who want a vacation experience with Shiloh and Jonathan!

Immerse yourself in an Experience Centered in Energy + Mind + Body + Spirit + Soul + Dream and the Elements of Nature

Attend a Restorative Retreat so that you can Nourish You Relationship with Yourself and Your Life Path Going Forward

Let's Gather to Heal through Pleasure Eat, Sleep, Vision, Swim, Play, Pray, Cook, Move, Paint, Conversation, Bodywork, and Explore Abundance Beliefs with a Wine Country Adventure!

Create your own Customized Wellness Plan focused on digestion, meditation, and a menu for when you return home.

Experience a different kind of movement through stretching and swimming* optional.

Create an abstract expressionist intuitive painting reflecting a Commitment to Yourself.

Discover Blue Lotus Imagi - a way of working with your imagination that will expand your horizons and your world of dreams.

If you would like to attend, please RSVP in the questionnaire as your first step.

PLUS! 24-7 Access to the huge studio classroom at MUSEA Center. Stay up late, get up early, paint and paint and dream and nap and eat and talk and share.

RSVP Blue Lotus Questionnaire

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Whether you are looking for a digestive reset

Anti-inflammation re-patterning

Learning about delicious and healthy meals

You need a movement/ stretching/exercise routine that works for your body size and age.

You are ready for a new weight reset plan that works.

You need support for improved sleep or immunity.

You want to learn how yummie whole foods can be Our Blue Lotus Retreat will get you started....

What is needed for you to dream your care for yourself?

Could it be time, rest, nourishment, creativity, nature, a new relationship with receiving
and good company?
We are here for this, with you.

Five Days at MUSEA, SONOMA
is the reset you have been seeking.

Limited to 15 Women ready for change
Three dates & Two tiers available

All-inclusive Lodging, Meals, Wine, Materials
and Adventures + Additional Bodywork Choices

A New Beginning Rooted in Well Being

A new beginning based in pleasure.

Based in feeling better in our body.

Feeling clearer in our mind.

Feeling hopeful in our heart.

A hope of feeling connected to soul.

We all need a chance to reset.

To remember and renew.

To choose again to feel better.

Making choices for a new direction

Honoring the elements in all of creation.

Seeing ourselves as part of the tapestry of life.

Setting ourselves free over and over.

"Do you REALLY live like this?
Eat like this? Spend time like this?" Well yes, we do. We want to share it with you ~
Jonathan and Shiloh McCloud

One of the most common questions we get asked as a couple is: Do you really live like this? Eat like this? Play like this? Roll like this? Like....all the time? Well, yes and no, but mostly yes because we value quality.

This is our Intentional Creativity Lifestyle that makes sense for our energy, body, mind, spirit, and soul. It isn't really about expensive choices, but about intentional quality choices with how we invest our time, and resources. Of course, living in Sonoma, California gives us a lot of options food and climate-wise, and we want to share those options with you.

This is the Intentional Creativity Lifestyle Vacation where you will live with us day in and day out to explore the choices you want to make for your own life. Not because you will want to do what we do (you might) but because you want to design your life in a way that nourishes you and brings you more pleasure.

As some of you may know, Shiloh went through a health crisis two years ago and part of what we will share with you is the menu and exercise plan we put in place to heal her digestion. It is a process, and it does take time, but you will create your customized plan for your own wellness going forward including how you eat, sleep, move, and create.

We look forward to spending time and sharing the bounty of the MUSEA Ranch and Wild Water Creek in Sonoma, Musette Atelier, and our home.

~ Jonathan and Shiloh Sophia

P.S. Our hope is that after your experience with us you will be inspired to implement new choices for your health, abundance and well-being. You will have the tools to make changes so that you FEEL GOOD ENOUGH to live the dreams you envision for your life.

Let's explore together.

RSVP Questionnaire

Please review the tuition page before responding to the questionnaire

Discovering Pleasure - Acrylic Painting on Wood 2020 by Shiloh Sophia





Each of the experiences we have will touch on your current life circumstance and dream into the abundant relationship with yourself and your life that you are opening towards.

All of the Elements here work together to create the

Six Curriculum Modules



Freeing Energy Sources and Celebrating Moving in Fluidity


The MIND of the COSMOS

Curated Consciousness and Honoring Abundant Connections


The BODY of the EARTH

Grounding in your Gut Body Wisdom and Cherishing Root Systems



Loving in our Spiritual Truths and Taking Wing in New Directions


The Dream of the Blue LOTUS Imagi

Expand your lucidity, clarity and Visionary Capacities


The FIRE in the SOUL

Accessing our Power Source and Releasing into Passionate Pathways

Create an emotional intuitive medicine painting that reflects your
Blue Lotus Sojourn

Ready for an educational experiential vacation that will influence every single part of your life going forward? Here's how. We will address the primary areas that impact every other area of your life and make a plan for lasting change.

Please review the tuition page before responding to the questionnaire


Jonathan foraging at Wild Water Creek in July 2023 - Photos by Lynnea Brinkerhoff

Chef Jonathan McCloud


from the MUSEA Apothecary and

the magic medicinal properties of

BLUE LOTUS aka Indigo Oracle

"When I get to cook for our community, I become "Ingredient Zero". This means that I am the catalyst and hold the intention for what happens at our table. This setting of intention creates a field condition, like a container, within which our guests are nourished, strengthened and vitalized. It's an honoring of place and time." ~ Jonathan

The LEGEND of BLUE LOTUS ~ Our inspiration is this incredible flower and what it enables in the dream world.

“The Egyptians saw that the blue water lily opened up each morning, seeing the intense golden centre set against the blue petals, seemingly an imitation of the sky that would greet the sun, releasing sweet perfume.

The blue lotus (Nymphaea caerulea, Nymphaeaceae), also known as the Egyptian blue water lily, was the symbol for life, immortality, and resurrection.

Blue Lotus is said to connect one to the Divine, inducing higher states of being and consciousness. It is for this reason it was widely used in religious rites and ceremonies. Blue Lotus is said to induce a state of euphoria, promote relaxation, & improve circulation, making it a potent aphrodisiac.

Egyptian Lore

What is Blue Lotus and How We Use it in the Musette Apothecary?

The Blue Lotus flower is a water lily that predominantly grows in Egypt and certain parts of Asia.

It holds cultural importance, and images of the flower have been found on ancient papyri and on the walls of tombs. Historians believe it was once used in ancient Egypt as a traditional medicine to treat anxiety and insomnia as well as promote libido. Tombs have been found to contain vessels of wine that were infused with Blue Lotus. This could also have been used ceremonially, but it was certainly a part of their culture.

It’s known as an entheogenic, which is a mind-altering substance believed to alter one’s consciousness in a spiritual or religious manner. This term is commonly used instead of “hallucinogenic” or “psychedelic”.

The two main compounds responsible for the flower’s psychoactive and medicinal effects are apomorphine and nuciferine:

  • Apomorphine. A psychoactive compound that acts as a dopamine advocate, meaning it can instill a happy and euphoric feeling. It may also help with muscle control in those with conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and erectile dysfunction.
  • Nuciferine. A compound thought to act as an antipsychotic drug that induces feelings of calmness. It has also been shown to improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Here at Musette, we create a tincture. This means that we grind the flowers into a powder and then soak that in a precise ratio in pure ethanol alcohol for 6 weeks. This releases the active ingredients into the solution. We then slowly extract the liquid into 30ml bottles with a recommended dose of 1 - 2 ml at bedtime. We have found that this promotes sleep and a vivid dream space impacting brainwaves. 

HOW WE WORK with BLUE LOTUS HERE - The Indigo Oracle Tincture

Introducing Blue Lotus Tincture, a powerful and mystical elixir derived from the ancient Blue Lotus flower! Known for its captivating scent and ethereal beauty, this sacred plant has been cherished for centuries by various cultures for its array of beneficial properties.

Our premium Blue Lotus Tincture harnesses the flower's natural compounds, creating a potent and versatile remedy that may aid in stress reduction, improved sleep quality, and enhanced cognitive function.

Immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of this enchanting tincture and experience a harmonious blend of relaxation and rejuvenation. Elevate your daily wellness routine and discover the remarkable world of Blue Lotus Tincture.

Hand made in the MUSEA Kitchen by Jonathan McCloud. Photos below are from his kitchen.

Blue Lotus is legal everywhere in the United States except Louisiana.


Learn about cooking from Chef McCloud in the MUSEA Kitchen including harvesting from the Ranch Garden (Seasonally)

Experience Wine and Education through Wine Country Adventures and Tastings

Gather under the 17 Redwood Trees and the Walnut to feast and share stories

Enjoy the bounty of Wine Country and learn how to include wine in your health regime, yes wine is included

Forage and walk at Wild Water Creek on Sonoma Mountain

Learn about Cuisine from someone who has worked with some of the TOP Chefs in the world..... and prepare feasts for your peers.

Enjoy the beauty of MUSEA Center and make this your home away from home

Learn to make your own medicine blend in Jonathan's Apothecary

Walk, Swim, Move & Play
with Curate Shiloh Sophia

So many of us feel that our lives and our relationship to our bodies are out of our control. We are just born with what we came in with and inherited from a DNA perspective. We get attached to our ways of doing things and lose sight of what's possible for us as humans. And there are so many outside influences we are constantly navigating. This will offer a wellness reset that will carry on into your day to day life if you choose.

An experience like BLUE LOTUS is an invitation to a new perspective on HOW you live your life. AKA The Musea Lifestyle.

Intuitive Emotional Painting

Release stuck energy and liberate potential with Intentional Creativity®

We will share SO MANY AMAZING Techniques that you will be able to use for the rest of your life to practice painting as a healing art!

Our painting experience will be multifaceted, as we move through the 6-part curriculum, enjoying meals, swimming and good company you will add layer after meaningful layer to your painting. The painting studio will be open 24-7 and you will have a chance to paint together and on your own schedule.

For those staying off-site, you will have a door code. For those staying onsite you will be sleeping just in the other room and can access all the materials.


Our painting experience will include a large unstretched canvas, easy for travel and Acrylic paint. Bring your own brushes.

Take the next step to creating a lifestyle you deserve!

Please review the tuition page before responding to the questionnaire

Enjoy the LUSH Tapestry
of the Blue Lotus
Cuisine & Herb



MUSEA Onsite Mermaid Dormitory. You have your own bed in the Mermaid Dorm at the MUSEA Campus - included. Three bathrooms and shared kitchen.


Private Rooms for those longing for private accommodations - offsite lux accommodations add $400 per night.

If you live in the Sonoma area and want to stay at home, you will be provided with a credit toward your tuition.



Read and fill out the RSVP Questionnaire.


Shiloh and Jonathan Review and Respond to Submitted Questionnaire.


Upon Joint acceptance an email with an invitation detail sent to registrant and process of chosen payment options.

Fill out the Questionnaire today to start planning your Sonoma wellness vacation!


Please review the tuition page before responding to the questionnaire