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MUSEA Campus Entrance

MUSEA Center is an inter-generational and multicultural collective of emerging and experienced creatives, healers, and leaders. For 25 years their mission has been to empower access to innate self-expression through the legacy of Intentional Creativity, the practice of creating art with love and mindfulness.

MUSEA serves more than 11,000 community members monthly through local and virtual live exhibits, and educational programming; and provides more than $500,000 annually to create jobs for women. Founded by Curate Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan McCloud in Sonoma, California as a museum and university to illuminate women artists centering on art, story, social justice, and the healing arts. MUSEA Center for Intentional Creativity® is a collaboration between The Intentional Creativity Foundation 501(c)3 and Mothership, Inc

MUSEA Campus street entrance

Since 2000 we have become one the world’s largest art movements centering on women’s creativity with a local presence in Sonoma, California. We are global and diverse - welcoming everyone called to this the power of creativity - with a presence around the world. MUSEA Center encompasses colorful facets of our community vision including a Museum, University, Sanctuary, Ecosystems, Guild, Foundation, 501(c)3, and gallery on the Sonoma Plaza~ Musette Atelier.

Intentional Creativity is an interdisciplinary practice weaving creative arts, sciences, somatics, transpersonal psychology, and archeo-mythology. Our core premise is that creativity is a basic human right that enables every person to know how they think, feel, and, therefore, act. Together we offer gatherings, courses, certifications, exhibits, art calls, experiences, circles, feasts, seasonal ceremonies, and membership that uplift the soul of humanity and honor our relationship with earth and stars through the wheel of the year.

The MUSEA community and their founders, Shiloh and Jonathan McCloud, extend an invitation to all beings to live with intention by choosing to bring love and awareness into everything we create and to our relationship with the universe. Together we can remember the past, live in the present with intention and create the future. Creating with intention is a sacred act and a celebration! Talent may be for the few. Creativity is for everyone! Our mission is to empower access to the innate creative life within each person by honoring the legacy of Intentional Creativity.

We see ourselves as participants in ensuring that the revolution is beautiful, and that evolution is consciously chosen. As often as possible we choose to celebrate our process, and our progress!”  ~ Curate Shiloh Sophia

Our work has been a part of northern California since 2000. We currently have three physical locations: our MUSEA University campus, our Art Gallery Musette Atelier, and our Land Wild Water Creek on Sonoma Mountain with visions for satellite locations popping up around the globe through our graduates!






MUSEA is where story, art, somatic science, and activism intersect.

We welcome you and invite you to consider joining us
Each one of us can gain access to self expression
May love be at the center of all of our choices!

Past Gatherings at MUSEA Campus

She Carries Me Class, 2020

Color of Woman Artist Gathering, 2019

Red Thread Guide Gathering 2018

Creating Year of Pleasure Books in 2019

Meal prepared by Chef Jonathan

Red Thread Guide Gathering 2019

LIVE band, 3 On A Match for Shiloh Sophia's Birthday Party, 2019

She Carries Me Class with musician, Jennifer Berezan

Muse Days Class from 2019 with women and youth

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