October 2023

For more than two decades Shiloh Sophia has nurtured an Intentional Creativity cultural framework rooted in the teachings of a matriarchal art lineage of storytelling and imagery. With her husband Jonathan McCloud they have stewarded Intentional Creativity is an inter-disciplinary practice weaving creative arts, healing arts, somatic sciences, transpersonal psychology and archeomythology.

This summer Shiloh and Jonathan are bringing forward a new one-of-a-kind well-being experience to their cultural vision with Blue Lotus a five-day wellness retreat that will ...

  • Discover Blue Lotus Imagi a way of working with your imagination that will broaden your self-awareness.
  • Be restorative, allowing space to recover from mental fatigue, restore cognitive performance, promote recovery from stress.
  • Serve as a somatic reset of our systems to improve digestion, reduce inflammation, boost energy levels, and promote weight loss.
  • Focus on nutritional choices for nourishing healthy skin, teeth, muscles, bone strength, boosting immune system and disease prevention.
  • Welcome lifelong human connections, creating bonds creates a sense of belonging, helps sharpen memory, and cognitive skills, increases our happiness.
  • Explore the adoption of abundance beliefs to radically create meaningful, unhindered, satisfying life experiences.
  • Establish customized wellness plan filled with healthy patterns/routines for improved emotional disposition, sleep, productivity, mental and physical health.
  • Experience a different kind of movement through stretching and swimming.
  • Establish or build upon your intuitive painting practice through an inquiry theme of reflective commitment to the self that will bolster self-image, confidence, memory, concentration, emotional awareness and more!

Sounds amazing right?!

Continue reading to get full details of what's included (tuition, lodging, schedule, modules and more)

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2023 Gathering at Wild Water Creek Sonoma California

Ready for a playful, lux, well-being and educational experience that will influence every single part of your life going forward?

Here's how we will address the primary areas that impact every other area of your life.



Create increased mobility through stretching, swimming, dancing, walking, breathing and meditation so that you experience increase energy flow through your Whole System.



Experience Lucid Dreaming and Seeing with Blue Lotus Tincture so that you can Access Gnosis and Gain a Increased Capacity to Vision



Learn to Curate Meals that Repair your Digestion through the MUSEA Kitchen with Chef McCloud drawing upon foraging and local ingredients.



Journey to the Source of your Relationship with the Divine so that you can Reclaim Devotion our and Design Your Path of Practice



Gentle Journey Towards Expanded Access toYour internal Seeing and Being



Create a Soul Space Intuitive Painting to Set Yourself Free of Internal Constraints and Experience increased Spaciousness Gather with in Good Company on the Path of Transformation!

Students painting at MUSEA Center for Intentional Creativity Campus

$3775 or 5 Payments of $775

This 5 Days and 4 Night Immersive
Restorative Sojourn with Lodging and Materials and All Organic Meals created for a digestive reset.

WHO: Women who are ready for a wellness reset and pleasure

WHAT: BLUE LOTUS SOJOURN - 5 Days of Exquisite Play and Well Being with The McClouds

WHEN: October 2023

WHERE: MUSEA Campus - 75 Fremont Drive, Sonoma, California 95476 United States and surrounding areas. You will not need a car. You can fly into San Francisco or Oakland Airport

WHY: Discover Blue Lotus Imagi - a way of working with your imagination that will expand your horizons. Journey through an immersive restorative retreat so that you can nourish your relationship to yourself, heal through pleasure and create a customized wellness protocol focused on digestion, meditation, movement, painting, and food menu to improve and sustain your overall well-being.

MATERIALS: All are provided.

About the RSVP Questionnaire

The questionnaire helps us know where you are in your healing journey and if we are a fit. Once we read your RSVP if we have questions, we will call you.

NOTE: If you have limited mobility and or are not into swimming, we will have other options for you.

2023 Gathering at MUSEA Center for Intentional Creativity

Retreat Includes

Medicine Painting

Intentional Table


Lodging at MUSEA

ONSITE LODGING for Ten in the Mermaid Dorm. You have your own bed in the Mermaid Dorm at the MUSEA Campus - included. Three bathrooms and shared kitchen.

OFFSITE LODGING for Five - Private Rooms for those longing for private accommodations - additional additional night fee for private accommodations.

If you choose to stay in our lux accomodations it increases by $400 per night.

If you live in the Sonoma area and want to stay at home, you will be provided with a credit toward your tuition.

All Meals - Organic

  • Coffee and Tea
  • Continental Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Wine and Bev
  • Vegan options available

Some meals are prepared together.

Feasts prepared by Chef Jonathan McCloud


  • Custom Tea Blends
  • Blue Lotus Tincture
  • Make your own Medicine


  • Educational Curriculum
  • Cooking with Jonathan
  • Medicine Painting Experience
  • Menu Planning for returning home
  • Wine Education and Tasting
  • Swimming Lessons with Shiloh Sophia *optional
  • Wild Water Creek excursion and medicine wheel ceremony
  • Slumber Party Painting
  • Dancing in our Socks :)
  • 24/7 Access to the paintings studio
  • Your canvas and paint
  • Add on - Body work


Sample Schedule - Subject to change, these are the flows of our days but may occur in different orders to account for seasonal changes and availability more!

Prior to arriving we will be inviting you to prepare with how you eat and sleep.

Day One: Arrive and Red Thread Talking Circle + Painting Blessing + Medicine Painting Teaching + Feasts by Chef + Blue Lotus Education + Story Circle

Day Two: Cafe with Shiloh Sophia + Swim or Movement + Medicine Painting + Wine Country adventure and education + Taste Musette wines + Lunch under the walnut tree + Learning from Chef in the Kitchen + Harvesting food at Musea + Nap Time + Silent Meditation + Dinner Feast + Storytime and Late night painting party

Day Three: Blue Lotus Cafe with Shiloh Sophia + Swim or Movement + Making your own medicines + Medicine Painting and Menu Planning and Food Education + Visit to Musette Painting Storytelling + Nap time + Silent Meditation + Dinner Feast

Day Four: Cafe at Wild Water Creek and Ceremony + River rock walking + Foraging + Lunch Preparation Together + Medicine Painting + Nap + Silent Meditation + Movement + Happy Hour at Farm in the Carneros + Dinner + Late night painting to complete.

Day Five: Cafe with Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan and Local Intentional Creativity Guild + Menu Planning and Goal Setting for Movement + Ceremony and Painting installation at MUSEA of your paintings, your own museum show + Lunch Feast

Bodywork options will be scheduled separately

Additional Details + Recommendations on What to Pack/Bring Emailed Upon Acceptance.

Approximate COST BREAK DOWN PER PERSON - This is not ala carte; we are simply showing you what goes into your investment in the Blue Lotus Retreat!

$500 Shared Lodging $100 per day that you are onsite.
$200 Painting Materials
$50 Blue Lotus + Tea + Medicine
$1000 All Meals and Refreshments for entire time
$100 Your Contribution Towards Kitchen Staff
$450 Your Contribution Towards Retreat Staff
$100 Wine Country Adventure Field Trips
$700 Intentional Table Education Curriculum and menu planning with Jonathan
$700 Medicine Painting Educational Curriculum and movement planning with Shiloh Sophia

Add $1600 for Lux accommodations with private room offsite.
Staying at home? $500 Re-imbursement


From Chef Jonathan McCloud

Experience a Feast prepared by Michelin Chef, Jonathan McCloud, that is reason alone to attend an event at MUSEA. Food is one of his many artistic gifts and will leave you feeling nourished and loved.




Gnocchi - small, pillowy dumplings made from potatoes and flour with red crab and vegan butter sauce.

Homegrown Collards, Carrots, Onions, Celery, & Garlic finished with Molasses cooked in Dutch Oven from Sue Hoya Sellers

Della Fattoria Bread, Petaluma Butter and Fleur De Sel Salt

Steelhead Salmon topped with edible Blue Borage flowers.

Figs from our Fig Tree

Zucchini Blossoms

Our Food is Delicious, but don't just take our word for it.

Hear it from our community members!

MUSEA Founders Shiloh Sophia and Chef Jonathan McCloud 2023 Gathering for the Feast.

"Oh, My Goddess! Never have I ever eaten such delicious and healthy food! Knowing most of it came from the garden tended by the Chef's own hands, so I know it's clean and healthy eating. I have eaten things that I swore I would never put into my mouth! Rare lamb chops - I would have never put rare meat in my mouth! But I tried it, cuz Jonathan... Everything is fresh fresh! And you can certainly taste the difference! Oh my!! When am I going back to Sonoma again? November? Not soon enough..."

~ Sumaiyah Yates

"Eating Jonathan’s prepared food reminded me of my mother’s saying, “love goes through the stomach”. I felt nurtured, loved, satiated while staying light and not overstuffed. Plus, it was super yummy!"

~ Sylvia Becker-Hill

"A gastronomic extravaganza that was both stunningly beautiful, light and delicious- all the flavors, distinct, yet beautifully harmonized! A total treat for the palate and the eye."

~ Clair Oaks

"The wonderfully tended and intentionally paired items I have experienced from the kitchen of Chef Jonathan, has continued to expand my palate while nurturing my whole being. I have continued to enjoy the lovingly prepared meals that are as farm to fresh as if I picked them myself. Jonathan meals, for me, have been a wonderous example of the Intentional table made with nutritional care and attention for mind body & soul."

~ Kelly House

"The care and detail in every dish from Jonathan’s kitchen is exquisite. He is a master of texture, flavor, and freshness that make the food sing through your body. What he doesn’t grow he chooses locally with such diligence; he can tell you where every ingredient originated. Your body knows you are eating a meal that is lovingly prepared."

~ Kara Young

"Oh goodness yes! I have seriously MISSed Johnathon’s inspired, deliciously tasty, exquisitely beautiful, incredibly healthy and responsibly grown culinary creations ever since I came back to Chicago. It would be so healthy to eat like that every day."

~ Kathleen Brigidina

Delicious Cuisine created with intention by Chef Jonathan McCloud - 2023 MUSEA Gathering

Photo by Kathleen Brigidina

Delicious Cuisine created with intention by Chef Jonathan McCloud - 2023 MUSEA Gathering

Photo by Kathleen Brigidina

Mermaid Dorm at Musea


Chaise lounges fold down into beds